The 3 Types of Centerless Grinding

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  Machined and fabricated products often need to undergo grinding processes before they can be considered complete. Not only does grinding remove rough patches and dangerously sharp edges, but it can also change the contours of the product. Centerless grinding is a versatile, popular grinding process that can be used to make in-process goods with […]

Tempering vs Annealing: What’s the Difference?

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  Annealing and tempering are both heat treating methods that prepare metals for manufacturing. Through heat treatment, high temperatures change the physical, chemical, and mechanical properties of steel, stainless steel, and steel alloys, increasing their performance and durability. Heat treatment can impact other properties of a metal product as well, including strength, malleability, ductility, formability, […]

Jeff accepting the Gold Micrometer Award

EMC Precision CEO Receives PMPA Gold Micrometer Award

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Jeff Ohlemacher Awarded Gold Micrometer Award Jeff Ohlemacher, CEO of EMC Precision in Elyria, OH has been awarded the prominent Gold Micrometer Award by the Precision Machined Products Association (PMPA) for making significant contributions to the industry during his over 40 years of service. Ohlemacher was presented with his Gold Micrometer at the association’s 2021 […]

New Equipment Announcement

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EMC Precision Machining is proud to announce our new Citizen Cincom M32-5M7 LFVR is in production! In EMC’s continued strategic pursuit of excellence and improvement, EMC have completed the installation of our CITIZEN Cincom M32-5M7 LFVR swiss machine. This new addition will not only expand capacity but also enhance capabilities. The addition of this new machine will […]

A photo of a plane's landing gear

How Do Industries Use CNC Machining?

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Computer numerical control (CNC) machining is responsible for producing precision custom parts for a variety of demanding industries. Depending upon the particular industry and application, accuracy prevents component failure that could result in expensive downtime, employee injuries, and more. CNC machine tools—including mills, lathes, plasma cutters, electric discharge machines (EDM), and water jet cutters—enable the […]

different kind of metallic profiles

A Guide to CNC Machining Materials

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CNC machining is a highly repeatable and accurate manufacturing process for creating parts ranging from prototype to high-volume production runs. CNC tooling uses pre-programmed instructions to cut a solid block of material into the desired part. The versatility of this process makes it suitable for a wide range of applications and their specific requirements. While CNC […]

CNC machine with a drawing behind it

CNC Machining vs. Conventional Machining

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Click to Expand Machining is critical to the manufacturing of products used across multiple facets of daily life. This controlled process involves using power-driven machine tools to cut raw material from a workpiece to produce the desired shape and size from materials such as metal, plastic, rubber, wood, paper, and more. Machining can be described […]

A group of ventilator machines

Project Ventilator

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Proud of our team for answering our call to duty! “I was impressed with the level of quality and capability analysis completed by EMC in such a short period of time.  We only had one chance to get it right and EMC played a critical role in that execution.  Thank you.”