Expect more from our precision machining company. We do.

Our business is high value-added precision machined products and assemblies.

Our customers require the full range of close-tolerance turning and milling operations for metal and plastic components, from one prototype to tens of thousands.

Our strategy is running our precision machining company as if every project is the one most critical to your success. Our performance reflects a continuous investment in advanced equipment, processes, engineering, training and team building.

You realize all the efficiencies of a lean precision machining company committed to best practices on EMC Precision’s manufacturing floor and in our offices. The result is that we deliver your custom products on time, defect-free, at the total lowest cost, with exceptional customer satisfaction.

We respond. We perform. That’s our promise.


Geared to performance

As a family-operated precision machining company since 1925, EMC Precision honors the principles behind three generations of success pursued with a steady eye on the future.

This fusion of stability and foresight means EMC is a small precision machining company with a huge capacity for turn-on-a dime response. And a healthy appetite for the next challenge.

EMC Precision’s constant pursuit of excellence in precision machined parts is grounded in values of integrity, teamwork, and service to all stakeholders.

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What Guides Our Business

EMC Precision Core Values Our core values reflect what’s truly important to our organization. Always at the forefront of our minds, these core values are the foundation of our company culture and business practices. Here are a few examples of our employees exemplifying each core value.


Dominique S. has been a very patient trainer while continuing to maintain high production.  Centerless grinding is a complex skill and Dominique consistently builds relationships as he trains through respectful, dependable and compassionate communication.  His efforts are truly building a community in his area.

Bob G. invited our whole Northrup leadership team to South Main for a plant tour and dinner. This was an awesome way to build community and relationships amongst our two plants.


Matt O. has come in on numerous occasions to help employees with an issue they encounter on an off shift.  He is growing into a great leader while building others as he goes.

Kayla N. realized a shipment from the prior day could have contained the wrong piece count and worked with our customer to eliminate a potential receiving issue at their facility.  Kayla’s show of integrity saved further issues and strengthened the relationship with our customer as a result.


Joe B. put a robot cell together to fully automate our shaper machine.  This allows the machine to run unmanned for several hours!

Luke H. modified our greasing protocol in our heat treat furnaces allowing us to exponentially increase the life of our bearings.  This results in cost savings and reducing workload for the maintenance team.


Kathy C. and Christy W. routinely work in multiple departments in order to meet customer needs.  Both happily move between departments and embrace daily challenges with proficiency.

Shanna G. and Mindy D. continually display Excellence by appropriately prioritizing their duties in order to meet customer deliveries while maintaining an extremely positive attitude.  Their positivity has lifted the collective morale in their areas.

We began weekly training sessions with the manual deburr department to help all of our new hires get acclimated and as a refresher for some that have been here for a while.

Missy G. built training guides, sample pan tickets, and she even created folders, which she handed out to every employee in the meeting, for them to keep as their own, full of valuable information.

She asked them all to keep these folders and bring them back with them every week. What a fantastic way to instill personal responsibility and accountability! This was truly excellent!!

Does this sound like the kind of team you’d like to join?