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At EMC Precision, we’ve provided precision machining services for nearly 100 years. Industry leaders know they can rely on us to deliver.

  • We deliver the goods: defect-free, complex, critical precision machined parts, components, and assemblies.
  • We deliver the service: our superior technology, lean systems, and turnkey services reduce costs while improving quality and speed to market.
  • We deliver on a promise: a working partnership that streamlines production and adds value to competitive products in key industries.

Below, we highlight some of the key industries we serve.

Industrial Equipment and OEM

Armed with extensive machining experience and advanced CNC machining equipment, we manufacture precise parts and products for industrial and original equipment manufacturers. Our components are found in equipment for a wide range of industries and applications, including aerospace, agriculture, appliance automotive, heavy vehicle, marine, medical, power generation, and more.

Hydraulic and Fluid Power

We develop and deliver high-quality metal components for hydraulic systems. By using precision machining equipment, we can consistently produce parts and products to tight tolerances. This ensures industry professionals can rely on them to work as intended in their critical applications.


Pneumatic equipment, such as compressors, HVAC systems, air guns, and vacuum pumps, relies on pressurized air to provide the necessary power. As a result, the individual parts and assemblies of the equipment must be designed and built to withstand extreme pressures. Otherwise, they may not operate or perform as intended. Our experts carefully select and machine metals to create durable pneumatic parts, such as seat barbs, rod and cylinder covers, gage hose ends, and poppet screws.


In the agricultural industry, parts and components for equipment are often large and complex. Additionally, many require durable materials and tight tolerances to ensure they work as intended. Using carefully selected materials and advanced machining equipment, we form high-precision components for agricultural machines and systems, including engine components, gear casings and housings, and suspension and powertrain components.


The aerospace industry is subject to strict standards that dictate how a component should be made. These standards are put in place to ensure equipment provides consistent performance in some of the most demanding conditions (e.g., extreme pressures, fluctuating temperatures, and fast speeds). Our precision machining equipment enables us to meet these specifications and standards for a variety of aerospace components, such as airfoils, electrical connectors, landing gear parts, manifolds, and spacers. Man programming CNC machine

Heavy Vehicle

Producing components for heavy vehicles often necessitates the use of specialized machining equipment and tools that can withstand the stresses experienced during heavy machining operations while maintaining tight tolerances. We have the equipment necessary to manufacture components for various heavy vehicles, including bulldozers, cranes, loaders, tractors, and trucks.


We can precision machine a wide range of parts and products for the automotive industry, such as bushings, covers, and shafts. Whether a customer needs prototype or production quantities, we can meet their needs.


We make a number of precision components for appliances, such as gears, pins, rods, shafts, and studs. These parts are integrated into many consumer and commercial appliances, including blenders, dishwashers, dryers, mixers, and washing machines.


Marine components are often made from unique materials that offer enhanced resistance to corrosion and other water-based issues. Precision machining can accommodate these and other materials to produce parts and products in a variety of designs and to a variety of specifications. Some of the marine parts we can manufacture include anchors, boat latches and hinges, cleats, couplings, deck and pipe fittings, guides and housings, and manifolds.


Due to the sensitive nature of most medical applications, medical devices are often designed to be single-use to prevent the spread of infectious diseases from patient to patient. As a result, they are produced in high-volumes to ensure the supply is enough to meet demand. Using precision machining equipment, we create components for these devices that are accurate and precise from batch to batch, so medical professionals do not need to worry about them working as expected. Some of the parts and products we can make include medical instruments and implants.


Recreational products are often available in numerous shapes, sizes, and materials to suit different applications. Additionally, they are generally produced in high volumes to meet customer demand. Our precision machining equipment enables us to manufacture them cost-effectively while maintaining tight tolerances. Some of the recreational and consumer components we can make include packaging equipment, power equipment, and recreational vehicle parts.

Wind Turbine

As wind technology advances, manufacturers must be able to produce updated parts and products as needed to build new wind turbine structures and upgrade existing ones. Since the components used for wind turbines generally require tight tolerances, precision machining is a perfect method for their manufacture. Our precision machining experts can create air turbine parts such as blades, cones, hubs, and housings.

To learn more about our precision machining capabilities and how we serve various industries, contact us today. See for yourself how we’ve helped these industries achieve success in our case studies and testimonials.

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