Are you tired of when-we-get-to-it delivery? Problem solved.

Case studies

A small valve became a huge problem for a respected manufacturer of kitchen sink appliances when unreliable product delivery frustrated a major customer in a major way. It took just a few days for EMC to rescue the relationship because we make it a habit to be on our toes.

The care we take in responding to customer demands means that the capabilities it takes to ensure a continuous supply of product are built into the way we do things.

The team.

Fortunately, our rapid response system and horizontal machining centers are always at the ready. The implementation team got together in short order, meeting every day to get the project started right and keep our customer informed.

The process.

After three days, we had confirmed the design specifications and were on way to processing the product with JIT manufacturing. Then the normal manufacturing process took over. This project realized all the efficiencies of our CNC Horizontal Machining Centers designed for quick response and repeatable throughput on precision parts. In fact, we streamlined production of this valve by condensing what had once been ten operations into two.

Our CNC Horizontal Machining Centers and the 60 tools it can store allow us to produce complex parts in single operations with less waste, higher quality, and decreased throughput time. The net result is fast manufacturing, flexible batch sizes, and lower overall cost for exceptionally reliable quality.

The payoff.

The manufacturer kept that big customer. Relying today on EMC-managed inventory, our CNC Horizontal Machining Centers and JIT manufacturing, they’re never out of parts. Delivery is on time, every time.

This is the way we do everything.

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