EMC Value Added Services

It’s the quest that drives us to invest in the mechanical advantages of lean manufacturing to deliver value-added performance.

Another part of our turnkey manufacturing services at EMC Precision is a multitude of Value Add and Assembly Operations such as CNC Honing, 3D printing, kitting, assembly, coining, laser etch and broaching.

EMC Precision has spent decades refining and adding to our available processes in order to meet our customer requirements. Rest assured EMC has developed a lean, optimized process to reduce lead times, cost and enable a rapid response for all processes to support the manufacturing of your parts.

Additionally, we offer complete solutions to meet your business needs including Prototyping, Engineering support for design of manufacturability, vendor managed inventory and more. You can count on us to get machined parts and businesses processes done right. We are ready.

Sub-Assembly and Packaging

  • One-stop for machining, assembly, packaging, shipping to distribution shelves
  • A lean, optimized process
  • EMC-managed inventory, short lead times, rapid response
  • Cost and time savings

Precision Machined Part Finishing Capabilities

  • All industrial finishes and coatings such as anodizing, passivation, electropolishing, phosphating, nickel and zinc plating.
  • Industry leading partners for specialized heat-treating, brazing, laboratory testing and more.
  • EMC guarantees excellence from our supply chain partners.

CNC Honing Capabilities

  • exacting inner diameters; tolerances of .0001 and surface finishes to 4 micro
  • CNC controls ensure ideal results every time
  • cost-saving accuracy, quality, consistency

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