Automation is the defining factor for product manufacturing in the 21st century. As automation technology becomes smaller, faster, and more precise, manufacturers are increasingly incorporating automated systems to shorten turnaround times, enhance productivity, and improve product quality. In fact, automation is becoming crucial for manufacturers who want to remain competitive in an evolving industry.

At EMC Precision, we understand the value of lean manufacturing and automation in today’s manufacturing market. With more than seven decades of experience, we have the knowledge, skills, and technology necessary to manufacture precision products for a wide variety of applications and industries. In this blog, we discuss the benefits of automated manufacturing and the positive outcomes they create for businesses and customers alike. 

What Is Automated Manufacturing?

Automation uses computerized software to direct production equipment and operating systems. With the right automation technology, manufacturers enhance their overall efficiency by increasing production capacity and reducing operating costs. 

Automated manufacturing incorporates specialized production management software and robotics technology to produce physical products with fewer tools. Whereas more traditional manufacturing processes use a different tool for each operation, automated manufacturing increases the number of operations that a given tool or system can perform. 

With greater tool flexibility, manufacturers can produce more products at higher speeds than with manually-operated systems. With this kind of performance enhancement, it is more important than ever for manufacturers to upgrade to automated systems. In fact, more than 75% of manufacturers currently use some form of automation to improve their productivity and scale their operations. 

At EMC Precision, we make it a priority to stay apprised of the latest developments in manufacturing automation to ensure we provide our customers with the latest products and services. We understand that the manufacturing industry is ever-evolving, and it is our goal to remain at the forefront of manufacturing technology with cutting-edge robotics and automated systems that speed and streamline operations and produce superior product quality.

Benefits of Automated Manufacturing

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Automated manufacturing has grown increasingly popular in recent years due to the many advantages it offers. Some of the primary benefits of process automation in manufacturing include: 

Improved Workplace Safety

Since OSHA was established in 1970, manufacturers have prioritized workplace safety. By moving dangerous or repetitive tasks to automated equipment, you reduce the potential for workplace accidents. Workers can operate automated equipment from a distance, rather than being in direct contact with dangerous components. In addition, workers are less likely to lose focus and make careless mistakes if repetitive and mundane tasks are handled by automation.

Enhanced Labor Productivity

Automated systems increase your manufacturing speeds without compromising quality. When you use automation for monotonous, boring tasks, you free up your workers for more interesting tasks and operations that cannot be automated. In addition, many modern manufacturing operations such as rapid prototyping, 3D printing, PLC surfacing, CNC machining, and PCB printing simply can’t be completed without the use of automation. 

Reduced Operating Costs

Incorporating manufacturing process automation into your facility’s operations streamlines your workflow and speeds your overall processes. This leads to reduced lead times, significant energy savings, and lower labor costs, which boost your bottom line. Automation and robotics equipment are also extremely accurate, which mitigates the potential for costly errors and virtually eliminates material waste. 

Greater Accuracy

While a seasoned lathe operator or machinist can create accurate components, manual tooling is no match for automated systems, particularly with regard to accuracy and speed. As products become smaller and more dependent on miniaturized components, manual labor grows less effective and efficient. With automated manufacturing, we create products more quickly, within extremely tight tolerances, and with a high degree of repeatability that cannot be accomplished through manual machining processes.

Automated Manufacturing at EMC Precision

EMC Precision is a leading manufacturer of parts and components for customers in every industry. We are dedicated to helping our customers reduce costs, enhance efficiency, improve quality, and facilitate optimal worker safety through the use of state-of-the-art automated systems. Our capabilities include CNC machining, centerless grinding, heat treatments, hard chrome plating, and assembly. We also offer value-added finishing and assembly services for your convenience. 

EMC’s lean manufacturing facility is specifically engineered to produce only the highest quality parts with the utmost speed and precision. We are committed to excellence, with established best practices and testing protocols at every step of the design and manufacturing process. 

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When you partner with EMC Precision, you benefit from decades of manufacturing experience coupled with the latest automation and robotics technology. No matter how complex your requirements are, we have the knowledge, skill, and equipment to complete your project quickly and efficiently.

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