EMC Precision's CNC Mill/Turn Centers

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Think of a component, a material, a geometry, a machining operation. Consider lead time and delivery date. Respect quality. Then call EMC, equipped to perform precision machining.

The heart of our business is high complexity, close tolerance precision machined parts and assemblies. We are perfectly equipped to serve customers who need a high volume of precision machined parts in a short amount of time. Our milling, turning, and grinding capabilities are designed with the agility to:

  • shorten lead times for manufacturing in production volumes
  • meet the most demanding tolerances
  • streamline complex geometries into a single process
  • increase productivity, producing multiple precision machined parts simultaneously
  • eliminate extra operations
  • deliver highly consistent quality precision machined parts

Precision Machined Parts Done Right

The motor of our business is high-energy teamwork. You can count on us to get precision machined parts done right.

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