Important new product. Innovative manufacturing process. Done.

Precision machining customer thank you

Thank you EMC,

I wanted to personally thank you for your extraordinary effort over the past 5 days. Also, I wanted to acknowledge your efforts to our purchasing management so that they are aware of this exceptional performance.

What was done

• Engineering realized on Thursday 7/15/2010 that the MBII seat had a design error that allowed parts that were within tolerance to create a condition that would lead to an early failure of the module when under high pressure situations. This failure would be unacceptable to many of our Customers, and a decision was made to stop production of this profitable, high demand product.

• With Jim C, we contacted EMC late Thursday afternoon in the middle of what had quickly become a crisis. It was clear from the start that even though EMC was not at fault, you fully appreciated our urgent need and really cared about working to help us find a solution to re-start our production as soon as possible.

• Friday morning - Jim placed an order with EMC for about 600 of the new parts. This is not a quick turn-around part! It must be made @ EMC, sent out for plating, returned to EMC for inspection and secondary work, and lastly sent to PTAD to have the seats lapped. I know that Jim also was very involved with this difficult coordination.

• Monday morning @ about 8:30 (1 business day later!), our development lab received 2 un-plated samples from EMC which were used to validate the new seat design.

• 3 business days after the order (Wednesday at about 2:00) the Dawsonville factory received 53 of these new parts, inspected the parts, and started using them to fill the many hundreds of orders for this module assembly. These 53 will be used up today and the factory will receive an additional 200 in the morning from PTAD.

Thank you! We recognize the extraordinary effort and are very thankful for it!

Ben B.

Engineering Project Manager