Important new product. Innovative manufacturing process. Done.

Precision machining case study

A pneumatic valve subassembly for a crucial new product demanded unique machining capabilities. The global supplier of spray fluid applications trusted EMC to design and implement major new processes because our meticulous business practices enable us to reconfigure manufacturing capabilities with efficiency.

The project timeline was exacting—4 months from design to delivery. Missing a deadline could mean failure at the next step and missing the market launch deadline.

The team.

Our manufacturing engineers, suppliers, machine tool builders and quality engineers started on pneumatic valve design and manufacturing process design concurrently. From the first production feasibility meeting through pre-production and process development, they worked hand-in-hand with the customer group.

The process.

One key to success was EMC practical wisdom in design for manufacturability. Understanding how to translate component function into the right materials, tolerances, and flow of production, we came up with the best valve design and the most effective way to manufacture it to exacting quality and cost standards. EMC created a new manufacturing environment for this customer dedicated to the production of matched valves with .0003 diametric clearance. The requirements: specialized; machinery, inspection equipment, and an environment controlled for temperature and cleanliness. Within 2 months, we engineered and assembled the process in an environmentally controlled manufacturing area that no only satisfied our customer's current needs but introduced us into another existing manufacturing market.

The payoff.

Our customer brought a successful, reliable product to market on time. Then they returned to EMC to begin work on the design and manufacture of the next generation valve.

This is the way we do everything.