240 new part numbers. 90 days. Precision machining crisis solved.

Case studies

Bad news for a global commercial/residential tooling company: a key supplier shutting down in next to no time. Ninety days later, EMC's accelerated launch process was delivering parts on time. Our team knew exactly what to do because our system is designed to thrive on just this kind of challenge.

In this case, our customer faced production interruption on 240 part numbers within 90 days. They needed machining capacity, manufacturing flexibility, and people prepared to execute.

The team.

EMC's project manager instantly put the engineering, quality, manufacturing and purchasing team in place, ready to do what we do on every project—huddle daily to stay on task, anticipate issues and keep our customer in the loop. That's how we ensured that nothing critical to success would be missed. Our project champion sat down with the customer every week to review the status of each and every part. Meeting the challenge hinged on timely, person-to-person communication between our organizations throughout the process.

The process.

Our engineer and metallurgist worked with the company's design group to make sure the prints, the materials and post-processing needs such as heat-treating and plating were crystal clear.

Production leaders developed the best manufacturing strategy, relying on equipment versatility and disciplined planning to get hundreds of parts into production efficiently. Our machining capacity enabled them to make strategic moves to open equipment and spread the manufacturing load over many areas. The CNC Swiss , CNC lathes, and Multiple Spindle Automatic Screw machine processes were instrumental to success of the project. Likewise, skilled, cross-trained craftsmen deployed as needed, capitalizing on best practices knowledge to identify optimum machining methods for every part. With product set to run, our quality group, equipped for rapid gauging, stood ready to complete first article qualification within hours. The supply chain reliability we cultivate through partnerships with vendors also paid off as we brought in our suppliers at the beginning to give them a clear understanding of the project.

Because of this early interaction, our suppliers committed to performance from the start and executed with the highest levels of quality and delivery.

The payoff.

Our customer realized not only uninterrupted flow of parts into factories throughout the United States but also unprecedented levels of quality and timely delivery.

This is the way we do everything.

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